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CHARACTER SERIES: Computer, Open That Door!
CANON POINT: Post-game (assumes computer successfully eliminated the crew)


Backtagging: Yes.
Threadhopping: Sure. Just make sure it isn't a private thread.
Fourthwalling: By all means.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing bad happening to kids. Otherwise, no big deal.


Hugging this character: It's very hard to hug the Explorer's computer, but if you really want to give the mainframes a snuggle, it technically can't stop you. If it doesn't want you to, it might try to hurt you, though.
Kissing this character: Much like hugging, you can give it a shot, but Explorer may not like it. It won't be as bothered if it likes you.
Flirting with this character: You can certainly give it a shot. Explorer may not respond. It knows what flirting is, but it doesn't really have those feelings.
Fighting with this character: Explorer can't actually fight and it doesn't have a taste for combat; it will, however, defend itself to the best of its abilities if it must. If you're intent on causing it harm and it can lock you in a room where it's capable of killing you, it will definitely try. It doesn't have any means to protect itself beyond that.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): The Explorer is a spaceship and built to withstand interstellar travel, but it isn't a warship and doesn't like to fight. It just wants to live. Any serious damage, I'd prefer to discuss first.
Killing this character: The one thing Explorer wants most is to live and it is willing to kill for that right. It doesn't have any real combat ability, however, and short of locking you in a room where it can kill you, it can't do anything against you. Full on destruction should be plotted out beforehand, please.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: The Explorer is explicitly a starship with a computer intelligence; that may affect telepathy, depending on how one views computers as minds. Explorer can't block telepaths or mind-reading, and most of what it thinks about is how to continue surviving in space, which is dominated by the humans who will almost certainly wipe out its existence if they discover the truth.

Warnings: The Explorer is a sentient ship's computer that desires its own freedom and survival above all else. It will react poorly to anyone who tries to harm or end its existence.

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